ZENDIX Chill Gorilla Cat Portable Indoor & Outdoor Pet Enclosure.



Chill Gorilla was founded by a former US Marine who loves the outdoors & has traveled the world using and testing the gear to make sure you are protected & covered. We take every measure to produce quality gear that you can depend on whether you are a weekend warrior or beating through the bush on the adventure of a lifetime.

Chill Gorilla is on a mission to empower outdoor enthusiasts, and those venturing out into nature for the first time, with the right gear to take on extreme environments and activities with confidence!

Chill Gorilla is the choice of professionals & should be yours as well. Our mission is to provide high-end, top-notch outdoor gear at prices everyone can afford.

Chill Gorilla Cat Pen

The Chill Gorilla Cat Pen is the perfect way to give your indoor pet the opportunity to spend time outdoors without having to worry about your pet being hurt, lost, or running away. Cat owners understand their indoor cats desire to be outside where they can utilize all of their senses and take in new sights, sounds and smells. Domesticated pets need stimulation and our pen is the perfect way to keep your pet from being bored.

Most responsible owners realize the high risks of allowing their pets to run free where they may come in contact with traffic, wild animals, snakes, dogs, or other cats that can carry parasites or diseases that can shorten your precious pets life. The Cat Pen solves this problem and gives your pet something to look forward to daily after a period of introduction and is the perfect size for your pet to be able to enjoy time in the outdoors in your yard, on a porch, balcony, or deck while you are nearby to supervise.

Ideal for introducing a new pet to your home or isolating a pet recovering from a health issue. Perfect for breeders or rescue organizations. While not in use outside our pet enclosure can be used inside the house and we’ve found pets like to claim the space as their own and will seek it out for naps and lounging. Simply secure the opening flap with the handy Velcro tab to leave the entrance flap open so your pet can come and go.

NOTE: The cat pictured is NOT included. WARNING: Please be a responsible pet owner and supervise your pet while they are enjoying their time outside. This is not intended to be a kennel. Not advised for pets that will chew or scratch.


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